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Trisha Hits Back: Condemns Mansoor Ali Khan’s Offensive Comments!

Trisha posted a story on her social media account openly sharing her thoughts, feelings, and disgust at what was recently said in an interview by actor Mansoor Ali Khan. She writes a message where she says that strongly condemns these sorts of sexist, disrespectful, misogynistic, and repulsive comments about her as a woman. The message came as her reaction to an interview video that has been circulating on the internet for the last week. In the said interview, Mansoor Ali Khan is seen making vile comments about how he wished to do an intimate scene with Trisha or a scene as a villain where he gets to force himself on her.

In the video, he goes on to say that he was well-known in his early days for doing such scenes with actresses like Kushboo and Roja. It’s disgusting that he wears it like a badge of honor. It’s people like him who need to be condemned and taken action against for saying things so derogatory. The video has been doing the rounds on social media and it is sure to get your blood boiling too. He is expressing his desire and wishes to film a ‘bed scene’ with Trisha and is disappointed that he didn’t get to it. He says that Trisha was so well protected during the shoot of the movie Leo, that he couldn’t even get his eyes on her. As a woman, how does one feel safe around people like this? Trisha’s message on her Instagram account is a clear statement that she is not one to stand for this sort of behavior. She also exclaims that she is glad that she never shared the screen with him and will be very mindful that she never does too.

Trisha is one of the best actresses in the country, she is known as a respectable woman across the industries. It’s really empowering to see her take a strict stance against this. Calling out such shameful acts and people in the public brings it to the notice of many others. As a result, people like him should be ostracised from the industry. It’s distasteful and dishonorable to talk about a woman in this manner, we hope he repents his actions or is punished in some form or manner for making such comments.

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