Dearest Sameera Reddy, Thank You For Changing The Life Of A Struggling Mother!

An open letter to Sameera Reddy!

Dear Sameera Reddy,

I’m a mother of a baby girl and I have often looked at awe at all the mothers who have been doing a terrific job of taking care of their children because I truly believed that I was failing terribly as one. I had no confidence whatsoever and being a working one at that, guilt would gobble me up most of the times. I would doubt myself on whether or not I am doing enough and already being so low on self-confidence, judgemental eyes would find their way to me and the shrewd talks would immediately get to my weak heart.

Months passed and I had learned to live with myself. That is when I had come across your profile. To me, you were that beautiful-looking actress I had watched in films like Vaaranam Aayiram and Nadunisi Naaygal. That is all I knew you as until I met you virtually as a mom blogger on social media. Dear Sameera, you’ve changed my life and there is no other way to say this but you are few of those very rare people who teaches humans to live like humans in this sexist, patriarchal, fascist world full of negativity waiting to being down one another in order to shine brighter.

My lady, you shine brighter than sunshine when you send out such beautifully positive thoughts through your posts, pictures and videos. I sometimes envy you for how beautifully you have learned to handle life only to realise that to reach where you are today, you must have fought those brave battles hard enough to reach the point. I envy your relationship with your two beautiful kids, I envy your relationship with your mother-in-law but most importantly, I envy the positivity that you completey own. I’m sure you must be having your dull days like any other person but what I envy is the way you come out of it eventually. Oh, this is envy is not the bad kind, I can promise you that.

I have had my doubts as a teenager and your message on body positivity and how you dealt with it from a very young age motivated me to trust my body. Size is not what I worry about anymore, I don’t fall sick and I pat myself for that. The way you beautifully construct relationships in your life has made me realise that I need to give everything the time to bond, it’s not a cookie to just get baked and come out, right? I don’t feel guilty about my work-life and personal life balance. Although I haven’t completely worked that out yet, I’m learning on my own time.

Thank you for normalising different skin, hair and overall, different beauty standards – I wear my grey hair like a crown today as well and ALL THANKS TO YOU. I have taken a lot of tips from how your bringing up your children with sensitivity, love and care. When they grow up, their love is what this world would be in desparate need of. I promise to teach my children to share as much love as they could.

But most importantly, you are teaching me to shun negativity slowly but surely out of my life. You are motivating me to stay positive and are teaching me to feel every emotion that I feel because it is only valid to feel what we feel – that is the only way to come out of it.

I have honestly never believed that social media would be life-changing but in my case, I am so glad I found a successful woman, a mother and a human being helping me out with her posts and videos so much so that, you hardly realise you’re making my life a better world to live in with every post of yours.

I am so glad you chose this line of career.

Thank you for everything, Sameera! I owe you one someday.

Yours faithfully,

Your biggest fan-mom.

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