Relationship with self – The assured happily ever after!


Relationships are not that hard.  Relationships are so mainstream. Relationships are cringe. Relationships never last. Well, we hear such a million judgmental opinions on relationships, romance, and love in today’s world. While such judgments may even be true at times, it sure leads to a happily ever after every time.

Here’s one such love story. A romance of uncountable months, innumerable sleepless nights of struggles, unavoidable cries over failures, unforgettable days of laughter, this is a tale of two young lovers trying to sacrifice for the other and on their path to a Happily Ever After. These love birds are in a committed relationship.  This is a relationship between You and Yourself.

There’s no other greater relationship in this wide world than with your beautiful heart and mind. This connexion over the emotions, failures, and pain, we forget to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves over the process. When spoken about Relationships, we adore every connection but we forget the most important one i.e. the bond with ourselves.

In this competitive world, we have created a self-downing competition within ourselves and creating benchmarks for us even without any external push. Such self-pressure is not healthy in the long run. Several trauma and factors are trying to pull us down already from the outside, the little help we can do for our peace and happiness is to put ourselves first and celebrate our souls before anyone else.

Imagine the extent we go in making our better half or any other person whom we love happy but we do very little for us. Why?

It is high time we normalize that we celebrate our bodies, minds. No matter how we are, what we are, what not we are, We matter! Societies have set 1000 standards, we don’t have to fall into this traumatizing setup rather we can begin living our own life.

End of the day, You for you, You for yourself. They may come, they may go, plenty hookups, plenty breakups but the best happily ever after is when your souls can groove with your heart and mind.



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