PV Sindhu Rises Above Defeat While Sharing An Honest But Powerful Message!

Rising Above, Always!

Wins and losses are part of everyone’s lives. But for a sportsperson, that single-handedly defines their journey, their place in the world. They are trained to be the best, to defeat the rest and to come out as champions. The resilience, disciple and training are all focused towards being the best player and ranking at the top.

PV Sindhu is India’s pride and glory. She has represented the nation and won accolades numerous times. She is a seasoned player and every match she plays, she gives it her best. But at the US Open, she lost to Goa Fang Jie in the quarterfinals. She wrote a few words on her Instagram post accompanied by pictures of her at the court. She bares her soul and writes her deepest emotion, accepting defeat and also disappointment.

“My loss has left a significant emotional impact on me, especially considering the challenging and demanding year I’ve had. It’s disheartening to experience disappointing defeat after each successful tournament. However, I am determined to channel my emotions into redoubling my efforts and making the remainder of the year truly remarkable”


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These words are so heartfelt, we feel her emotions and her inner struggle. It is refreshing to see a sportsperson share their feelings and emotions so openly on social media. It serves as an inspiration to young boys and girls about defeat. There is always something to learn, even in loss. We salute her efforts, her achievements and also her initiative of talking about mental health.

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