Women Humiliated and Moral Policed by Local News Channels At A Chennai Pub!

A pub in Chennai was caught breaking the city’s curfew of shutting pubs and clubs at 11 PM. The police arrived to intervene and shut the place down. While these events were unfolding, several local news channels gathered around to film the happenings. What was shocking about the coverage was how these news channels shamed and went behind the women specifically to embarrass and harass them.

What’s problematic is the way the news was published by the media houses, slut shaming the women, commenting on their clothes, and chasing after them for footage. The club was full of men and women but the news channels targeted mostly the women. A few women can also be heard in the video where they are asking the cameras to stop recording or else they will file a complaint to the authorities. The media channels stoop lower and continue shoving the cameras into their faces. Many women tried to shield their faces and identities with masks, scarves, jackets, and even hands but the news channels persisted.

As media houses, one’s responsibility is to report and state facts, and when they go to these lengths to demean women, it’s a shameful act. As citizens, we look to news channels to get updates and information. When biases like these are shared with the public, society at large takes two steps back. At times like this, when women are fighting for equality, representation, and respect, such acts make you wonder if women will ever win this fight against sexism and inequality.

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