VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi Reveals She Was Harassed At Captain Miller Event!

Trigger Warning!

Trigger Warning: This article includes references to sexual abuse

Dhanush starrer Captain Miller is set to release for Pongal 2024 on January 12th. The pre-release event of the film happened yesterday at Nehru Indoor stadium and VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi who attended the event yesterday was harassed by a male in a crowd.

In a video circulating on social media, a woman was seen bashing a guy and asking him to apologize by falling at her feet. Later it was identified that it was Aishwarya. Sharing about the incident on social media Aishwarya wrote, “ In that crowd, a guy harassed me. I faced immediately and didn’t let go until I started beating him. He ran, but I chased him, refusing to release my grip. I wasn’t able to accept that he had the guts to grab a woman’s body part. I shouted and attacked him.”

“ I have good people around me, and I know there are lots of kind and respectful humans in the world.But I feel too scared to be around these few percent of monsters.”

Last year, Aishwarya was involved in a controversy when Cool Suresh behaved inappropriately towards her during the press meet of Sarakku movie. 


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