Chennai Caste Killing: Wife Dies By Suicide Soon After Her Husband’s Death By Honor Killing!

A nineteen-year-old widow dies of suicide!

Sharmila, a nineteen-year-old widow took her life on April 22, 2024. Sharmila’s husband, Praveen, another victim of honor killings, passed away on February 24, 2024. Sharmila’s brother and his friends killed Praveen as Praveen belonged to the Scheduled caste while Sharmila belonged to the Other Backward caste. 

Sharmila and Praveen eloped and married last year in October since her family didn’t approve of their relationship and was looking for grooms to marry her off. When Sharmila’s parents filed a missing complaint at the Pallikaranai police station, the couple came with their registered marriage certificate.

On February 24th, Praveen was killed by Sharmila’s brother and 4 others who belonged to a higher caste than Praveen. The accused were arrested by the police under murder charges.

According to the reports, Sharmila refused to consume food and water since Praveen’s demise and was on IV fluids. On April 14, 2024, Sharmila attempted to kill herself but was rescued and was admitted to a private hospital for treatment. On April 15th, her family shifted her to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital.

Sharmila stopped responding to the treatments and passed away on Monday, 22nd April 2024. According to the reports, the family is requesting a CBCID probe as they find her death to be a police negligence.

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