Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral Devastated By Fire!

Very sad!

Firefighters battled until 6 AM in the morning to stop the fire inside one of the most precious pieces of Art in the world. Everyone was shocked to know that the famous Notre Dame cathedral built in 12th Century was under threat as some saw the fire engulfing the topmost part of the Monument. Fortunately, the fire broke out near the spire. However, it destroyed larger part of the roof and the spire.

Although the police are investigating this, it has been reported that this fire was an outbreak of the construction taking place at the Cathedral and it was as a result of an unintentional accident. The 850-year-old wonder had been undergoing restoration work for a while now.

French President Emmanuel Macron said “the worst had been avoided” thanks to hundreds of brave firefighters who battled for hours and who would continue working through the night. One firefighter was severely injured but no other casualties were reported.

He also took it to Twitter to express his grief. He said, “Notre-Dame is aflame. Great emotion for the whole Nation. Our thoughts go out to all the Catholics and to the French people. Like all my fellow citizens, I am sad to see this part of us burn tonight.”

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