New To Online Dating? 7 Stages Of Dating You Never Realised About!

It’s quite exciting!

Dating can be quite daunting honestly. From choosing the right outfit, to going for just the right place and the right kind of wine, we’ve got to keep in all in mind. But, most importantly, we’ve got to choose the right person. However, with the advent of online daring choices, things have gotten a little more contemporary, fun and exciting. Here are the few stages of online dating:


1. Single life syndrome:

This is the first sign that makes you realise that you’re for dating. From getting frustrated to seeing cute couple pictures on Instagram and living in constant denial about social media PDA, being single and frustrated is the first step to realise that you’re ready to go on a jolly-good date.


2. Constant denial:

Enna nadandhalum seri namma single ah dhan irukanum is an altogether different emotion. No matter how many couples you see, would be constantly telling yourself that living life the single and non-complicated way is the best for you but deep inside you are simply waiting for your dream boy to come and get you!

3. Realisation

After living in constant denial you ultimately decide to agree with your yearning heart. You are yearning for that romance and the little happiness you get as a result. You sometimes would even cry yourself to sleep longing for the latenight phone calls. Hey, we don’t blame you! This is when you’re contemplating whether or not you could try out some good online dating apps. You ultimately take your friend’s help and finally download the app. You’re then all into deciding how you want your profile picture to look and carefully curate your bio.

4. It’s a match!

Ah, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally happened. You’ve just found the match you have been waiting for. The app confirms that it’s a crush between you and the cute young man and containing that excitement is going to be wuite hard. So, go ahead and jump up and down on the bed, we won’t judge you!

5. First conversation:

This is the most nail-biting one of all the stages. You’re either blabbering or are unsure what to talk about. So take your time and think while you talk. Take it slow, easy and keep it as casual as you can.

6. Chatting and call:

Once you’re past the awkward, bumpy first few times (of a conversation, what were you thinking!), you’re hooked onto chatting with your crush. It gets quite serious and intense where you are getting to know each other. Eventually one of you would desparately want to hear the other person’s voice and that awkward yet memorable first phone call will remain in our hearts forever.

7. First meeting:

Although, you’ve been hooked onto your phone for quite a while now. First meetings are extremely precious! EXTREMELY. The first time you look at his face, the first time you physically feel his presence, its a tingling yet the most beautiful feeling.

Maybe with modern times, ways of meeting your partner might have changed but the beauty of having butterflies in your tummy and jittery feeling comes as is and is simply beautiful. Watch this video below and you could choose which stage you’re currently in:


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