Move On: Tips To Move Away From The Memories Of Your First Love!

Time to move on!

It is possible to grow past your first love and prepare yourself for a new relationship. But do you ever totally forget your first love? Come, muse with us.

First love stories are undeniably interesting to read about or to hear about at parties. It was someone’s first moment of vulnerability and uncertainty; it was a time when they gave it their all without even knowing they did. Perhaps this is because it all happened before there was a robust understanding of its meaning. Perhaps the naiveté of the affair was too tender to retain a grasp on the sudden mushrooming of unknown feelings.

Whatever the reason was, first love always claims a special place in hearts and lives. It is an inimitable snowflake: almost invisible to most, but the only one of its kind. Its purity and innocence are what cement them into a person’s long-term memory, because first love reminds a person of a simpler and very sincere version of themselves.

That being said, the very word ‘first’ indicates it isn’t a standalone entity. First love, more often than not, crashes and burns for the same reasons that it thrived in its short-lived moment. Not everyone gets to re-ignite it; and this is probably for the best. First love is most beautiful as an immaculate memory, a learning experience from the heart.

So if you ever consider yourself unlucky for not having seen your first relationship on the forever road, think again. After all, training wheels won’t get you through a rocky path.




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