Major Throwback: Wife Prithi Shares Their First Night Story And Its Adorable As Hell!

Hilarious indeed!

Have you ever wondered how will the life of the women in our famous cricketers’ life be? Especially wives of our blue men. From missing their hubby during delivery to taking care of their kids single-handedly, these women make many sacrifices so that our boys play well. Being a celebrity wife is tough; being a celebrity mother who has to protect her kid(s) from all the paparazzi is tougher.

We all know Ashwin’s talent when it comes to cricket. However, how hands-on he was when it came to being a parent was one thing that we were curious about. Prithi admits that Ashwin is a hands-on daddy, at least when he is at home. And daddy dearest is especially good with his little girl Akhira.

On their 6th wedding anniversary, Ashwin tweeted, “It’s been 6 years since we got married @prithinarayanan and it’s passed by so quickly, thanks for being there with me through thick and thin.”

To which Prithi responded, “You are welcome. Thick and thin we managed. But do you think our marriage is strong enough to go through keto together?”

Keto here is Ashwin and Prithi’s youngest daughter Akhira. To this Ashwin responded, “I am sure we can, just need to sleep at the same time as Akhira.”

After a while, Prithi took this to Instagram and spilled some beans about their first-night post marriage and it is truly adorable and hilarious.

Her post read, “This day 6 years ago, we were married and off to Kolkatta.I was advised by my kind family to “let him sleep”(as iffffff)because he had a game the next day.But the team had hidden alarms that went off through the night.Thankfully we batted the next day.”

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