Keep PDAs for the bedroom please!

While it is great that you are part of a cozy twosome, don’t put on a show that might put others at ill ease.

Do: Hold Hands

Holding hands with the person you love is just sweet. Palm to palm or arms intertwined, you get a sense of security and warmth from being connected to your significant other. It also feels like a statement announcing your togetherness to the world; that you are with a person who is special to you.

Don’t: Let Your Hands Wander

Agreed, lovebirds get carried away at times. Copping a feel in a dark corner of a club (while no one’s looking) is fine, but do save any more feeling up for more intimate places. Take into consideration the kind of gathering you are in the midst of. You might think it is perfectly okay to slip your hand into your partner’s back pocket but some may find it vulgar.

Do: Say “I Love You”

Saying the words out loud is probably the best way to seal the deal. It is a heart-on-sleeve gesture that melts the heart. Try not to overdo it though. A mush overload might seem distasteful, not only to those around you but also to your partner!

Don’t: Talk Dirty

While hearing couples say ‘I love you’ stirs the heart, hearing them say ‘I want you in my arms’ stirs the stomach! Keep a check on the dirty talk. No one wants the low down on what you plan to do to each other.

Do: Exchange Passionate Stares

Isn’t it great when it is just the two of you and no conversation is required? Every relationship has that beautiful phase when you just never get tired of eye contact. This is also a totally acceptable form of establishing ‘coupledom’.

Don’t: Make Bedroom Eyes

Your eyes do a lot of talking! So long as you are just gazing into each other’s eyes things are cool. But don’t think you can get away with staring at a butt or someone’s neck and mouth the whole time. While love is an emotion to declare, lust is best left for behind locked doors.

Do: Quick Peck on the Cheek

There are moments in a couple’s life that just demand more contact. A parting (even for a short time), meeting (after the said parting), or just an all out lovey-dovey moment that asks for a kiss and nothing less.

Don’t: Exchange Wet Kisses

Well, here is the simple rule: kisses that involve saliva are not for public viewing. While the tongue wrestling might seem like a very loving gesture to you, it is sure to come off looking shameful and disgusting to those watching. Just to be clear, all the other variations of ‘making out’ like kissing the neck, nipping the earlobe are ill-advised too.

Do: Light Hugs

A hug is a simply magical thing, isn’t it? It is a gesture that is now accepted the world over as a form of greeting. So, there is nothing to stop you from giving someone a nice big, warm hug. The comfort of finding yourself wrapped in someone’s arms is without comparison.

Don’t: Whine ‘N’ Grind

Introducing the younger, perverted cousin of the hug, the full body slam! Now, the regular hug requires the active participation of only the upper half of the body, arms wrapping around another’s shoulders. The body slam however, is a full body contact, a hip to hip spectacle which is just not acceptable in most social milieus.

It is great to be in love. That said, you should always be mindful of your surroundings, company and the situation. If not, don’t get offended when the clichéd “GET A ROOM” is yelled at you!

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