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Kushboo Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane, Shares Her Childhood Pictures!

Kushboo is a multi-talented woman, she is known for her work in Tamil films but now dons many more hats. She is a television presenter, a producer and also a politician. She is open about her views of the world. She is one fierce woman who doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinions.

Her social media account is a window to her true self. She shares moments spent with family, vacations, her sets, her fashion, friends etc. She shared a carousel of pictures from her childhood with a caption that said, “ Journey of childhood”. The first picture is of a school-going Kushboo followed by one that’s slightly older. Then comes a teenage Kushboo and the last one is the Kushboo we all know and love.


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Outspoken and unabashedly honest, Kushboo is one celebrity that never hesitates before speaking her heart out. Earlier this year, she had come out with the truth about her father and the abuse she suffered as a child. It takes a lot of strength and determination to talk about these things to the public.




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