Kushboo Sundar: I Was Sexually Abused By My Father When I Was 8!


Khushboo Sundar, actress turned politician revealed her father used to abuse her physically and sexually when she was just 8. The actress who voices out her strong opinions on Women’s rights was recently appointed as a member of the National Women’s Commission.


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Kushboo opens up about abuse from her father

In a recent interview, she revealed that her father used to abuse her sexually at an young age of 8. She mentioned her father was someone who thought it is his right to beat up his wife and kids and sexually abuse his only daughter. She added when a child is abused, it leaves a scar for life irrespective of its gender. My mother went through the most abusive marriage. “The sexual abuse started when I was just 8 years old  and I got the courage to speak against him when I was 15,” she revealed.

She continued, “One fear that stayed with me was that my mom may not believe me because I have seen her in that environment where there was ‘kuch bhi hojaye mera pati devata hai (no matter what happens, my husband is my God)’ mindset. But at 15 I thought that it was enough and I started revolting against him. I was not even 16 and he left us with whatever we had and we didn’t know where the next meal will come from.”

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