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Is egg really your diet villain?

Benefits of egg, simple ways to lose weight and more!!

By Nutritionist Shiny Surendran

Egg is a very nutritious food. But over the years it has become something that people fear because there is an overall perception that it adds cholesterol. In fact, even young children and teenagers are worried about eating egg yolk because they believe it adds weight.

Egg Yolk Benefits: Please do not throw away the egg yolk

It has been scientifically proven that eating egg (even the yolk) does not add cholesterol. An egg is a perfect health package. It contains protein, iron, lepsin, and also biotin that helps in hair growth. People who ignore egg yolk in diet might have hair fall problems. 

Fried eggs, boiled egg or an omelette with many vegetables will make for a perfect breakfast even for young children who rush to school.

You can eat one egg a day without any fear. People in sports and young children can eat up to 2-3 eggs a day.

What causes cholesterol: Sugar, sweet, maydha, too much rice, and fewer vegetables, soft drinks, hydrogenous fat (vansapathi), ignoring fruits and veggies.  

Stay away from: Maydha, white rice, sugar, fried items

   Simple ways to lose weight

Sleeping in time:

Getting enough sleep in improper timings does not count. For example sleeping at 12pm and waking up 8am is not a healthy sleep. You have to go to sleep at 10pm! Try waking up at 5am in the morning. Your body will get a proper rest and also this will help secrete growth and sex hormones. Sleeping on time also helps put a pause to sugar and starch cravings. So you are not found guilty of eating midnight sweets.

Three meals a day are super important.

Do not ever skip breakfast; at least have an egg or some fruits. Tea, coffee does not compensate breakfast. For lunch try having more veggies than rice. When it comes to non-veg eat the pieces than the gravy and fried items are a complete NO, NO. If you are a vegetarian have a lot of sprouts and pulses. If you don’t have time to cook gravy, have salads. Raw vegetables are super nutritious.

Substitute evening snacks with fruits:

You can have about 3-5 fruits a day. Substitute your evening baji, samosa with a bowl of fruits. Do not have juice. Even if it does not contain sugar, juice is still not as healthy an option as fresh cut fruits.


Buttermilk instead of curd

Not more than 2-3 cups of tea/coffee (400ml)

Caution: Please consult a doctor to make sure you don’t have any food allergies, or lactose intolerance, hormonal imbalance before adapting these tips.


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