I Sent A Friend Request To A Stranger And What Happened Next Was The Most Unexpected Thing Ever!

I found him funny!

I never believed in the idea or institution of wedding ever. It scares me every time I think about getting married and think about someone else other than my career or myself. It might sound a little selfish that I’m only concerned about my feelings, however, my past is such and it scares me to share my feelings with anyone outside my circle of family and friends.

It was my usual day and I was just browsing through random Facebook groups, trust me I had no intention neither did I have any motive during this group searching project. However, in a particular group, I came across a person who had a funny take on every serious issue that was posted. While everyone was not happy with the way he reacted, I found him quite genuine. Hence, I decided to just check out what he talks and does every day. We had no mutual friends so I couldn’t send him a request but believe me I wanted to.

After a month of just looking at his activities, I was infatuated with him. Hence, I sent him a message which read, “Hey, you’re really funny. Thanks for making me laugh.” Much to my surprise, he responded and he said, “Thanks, it’s all in the genetics.”

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