Here’s How You Can Prepare For Your Next Phase Of Life – Wedding!

We help you prep!

When there is a wedding around the corner, you don’t have a clue where to begin! Doesn’t matter if you are a parent, sibling, a relative, the soon-to-be bride or groom; here’s  a checklist that is sure to help you sort out your thoughts and get organised!

A wedding is sure to create a lot of chaos and confusion in the family.There is so much to do and suddenly all the time in the world is not enough; you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know when and where to begin!Things like when to buy jewellery, deciding on the venue and shopping take precedence over the rest, however, other elements of a wedding cannot be overlooked. Here is a quick guide to planning a wedding:



Money matters: You cannot have a great wedding without the moolah! If you are funding your own wedding or if you are a parent planning your child’s wedding, first things first—start saving. Invest in shares and mutual funds to get great returns.

Golden glory: The price of gold keeps varying. It is best to buy at least one piece of gold jewellery every six months. You can always trade it in for the latest designs, when the time comes.

Peek-a-boo: It is never too early to start looking for the perfect match! As thesoon-to-be bride or groom, you may want to find someone for yourself or let your family find a suitable spouse for you. It gives ample time to do background checks on your fiancé and his family.



Fix a date: Set a date that gives you ample time for the wedding preparation. Try your best to keep your wedding and reception on weekends so that your guests can easily fit you into their schedules.

Engagement party: Once you have the perfect date, announce it to the entire world—have a formal engagement at least six months before the wedding—it could be an intimate gathering at home, or at a banquet hall.

Guest list: Get a rough guest list from both the families for the wedding—this will help you in deciding the budget for venue and catering.

Set the venue: These days it has become a norm to have a theme or a destination wedding—after everything is finalised, pick a city and shortlist the venues. This will give you ample time to personally check the infrastructure of the venues like rooms, water, car parking etc.

Fitness and beauty regimen: Read the 6 month countdown on page no. XX

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