Here’s How You Can Create Magic In Your Wedding!

Weddings are meant to be colorful!

Wedding – Ours is a diverse country with many different traditions and religions. Whatever may be the tradition, the three main wedding styles are Hindu, Christian and Muslim.

  • For any of the above weddings, the most important part is the venue. If it’s an indoor wedding, trust your wedding planner with the decor.
  • For a Hindu wedding, look at the varied options for the Mandap (dias). Add your favourite colour or theme to the Mandap.
  • If it’s an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding, keep in mind, to check the weather before you choose the drapes or the materials for the setup.
  • For a Christian wedding hosted outside the church, check for the different floral arc options. Get married under the ‘Chuppah’ which is one of the most popular borrowed trends from the Mediterranean. If marrying in a Church, get your wedding planner to keep it simple and not to take away from the beauty of the interiors of the church.
  • For a Nikaah, get the bride and the groom sections decked up with your theme-based decor. Many brides and grooms choose a white decor for their Nikaah, according to the wedding planners. Work around the bride and groom sitting area. Bring in the colourful cushions for the baithak and add a transparent drape between the bride and the groom sections for a peek-a-boo!

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