Easy Ways To Get Your Cushion-Game Right!!!

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The living room is undoubtedly the most prominent space in your carefully crafted home. However, every once in a while the dull old furniture needs sprucing up. Introducing upholstery techniques to revive your interiors and breathe some colour into your furnishing scheme.

A big part of the furniture is the cushions that will rest on it, no matter which part of the home it is. Two reasons why they are important: firstly, cushions add warmth to the entire look, be it sofas or comforters or even a foldable chair; secondly, they are the ideal choice for some real comfort. Interior designer Vidhya Sagar shares some great ideologies on the apt use of cushions and upholsteries. “Upholstery will entirely depend on the type of furniture, the style, the colour theme and decor. It has always been a necessity to clad furniture and windows and has assumed an important place as a decor element. Of course, much of it depends on the colour and patterns chosen to compliment the interiors.”

Before you begin

Colours are one of the main components while choosing upholsteries or cushions. However, colour completely depends on the taste and theme of the room. If it’s a living room, space seeks a lot more attention, calling for careful thought before implementation. Secondly, the durability of the fabric is extremely important. Thirdly, patterns play a major role while creating a look out of furniture. However, this will also vary depending on the type of furniture that is being upholstered.

“Above all of this, maintenance matters. If you have children in the house, having a white themed sofa set is inadvisable, as it will surely be bait for stains,” adds Vidhya. If there are budget restrictions there is no worry, as great upholsteries range between Rs.500 to over Rs. 20,000 per metre. However, understanding the budget prior to purchase is important.

Cushions are always used to accentuate the base material and this will automatically fall into place once the base fabric is chosen. For example, if you have a plain sofa, you can accentuate it with bright coloured or printed throw cushions.

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