Easy Ways To Get Your Cushion-Game Right!!!

Home Sweet-Decor Home!

Does it suit your wallet?

Blended furnishings like chenille have reasonable price tags, look rich and are durable. “You can put together great window dressing and furnishing fabrics on a budget as well,” Vidhya adds. “The ideal colour combination for any furniture would be beige. Apart from that, other classic colours would be lighter shades of brown and hues of brown-green, khaki or warm greys.”

Landing on the motif

Designs are the trickiest when it comes to choosing upholsteries. There is vintage, there is quirky, there is simple and a lot more choices to choose from. However, here is what Vidhya loves to choose of her upholsteries: “I believe in an eclectic mix and would advocate the same based on individual tastes.”

Shop Smart

Reupholstering your furniture is no piece of cake and it takes in a lot of effort to make it look new and durable for a little longer. However, a lot of fraudulence have been reported while reupholstering. Installation teams are known to take away well-working spare parts and add in the old ones covering them with upholsteries.

Always click few pictures of the places where your furniture holds its weakness and check once it’s back. Make sure you are at the shop to check on the bare furniture before they are sent down for reupholstering. Check the spare before it goes on to your furniture and ask the makers to provide you with warranty for it.

Never frown away from asking as many questions as you want to avoid being cheated upon.

Cushions and upholsteries never run out of trend because there is always an improvement in every generation. The taste changes, the choice and quality changes, however, it always stays relevant, particularly in the domestic arena. These give homes a look, comfort, a feeling of security and most of all the feeling of a pleasant home.


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