Easy Ways To Get Your Cushion-Game Right!!!

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Layered drapes

Curtain materials are of two types: the main fabric which is heavier and helps in shutting out the light while adding design and decor value to the room. All rooms should have a main curtain unless you do not require privacy in the room and need it to let in natural light.

Secondly, sheer is a thinner fabric that usually acts as a veil, letting in a lot of light and giving the space a touch of radiance. Most often, the sheer fabric is used behind the main curtain to let in light once the main curtain is drawn back.

Theme it right

Apart from the fact that mixing and matching colours and patterns is tricky, it all boils down to the taste of the person. “If you’re upholstering a curvaceous piece, sticking to solid-coloured fabrics is better as patterns may or may not upholster well. Size of the furniture will also have to be considered,” says Vidhya. “For example, a rich solid colour or classic neutral one is always good so you won’t get tired of it over time.  It’s good to liven things up with smaller pieces in patterns or colour, for instance, a boldly patterned occasional chair and patterned or damask throw cushions in brighter colours are great. Always bring back a swatch you can drape over your furniture to get a better idea of how it will look.”

However, everything depends on choice and taste. While some could choose opulent and muted, some could totally go with flamboyant patterns.

Proportioned Furnishing

Vidhya’s word to the wise says is having around 33% open space in a room. “Some people prefer minimalistic decor, which means you may have more than 50 percent of the room empty and some do like it cosy and crowded,” she remarks. “I always encourage devoting quality time to furniture first. Fabric always falls into place once the right furniture is in place.”

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