Flirty & Fiery: Vacation Sexcapades to blow your mind

Holidays are a great time to get to know each other. Whether on a honeymoon as newlyweds or a camping trip as a couple, vacations bring you closer. Travel is the best way of exploring your chemistry in the relationship. And a very important part of that relationship is sex. Let’s find out what are the must-do items on your ‘To-Do’ List (pun intended) this vacation season.

By Varsha Abhay.

Picture this, you are in a cosy bungalow at the foot of the hills. The fireplace is lit, you have your favourite drink in hand and your significant other is right beside you without a care in the world with no one to disturb you. The best sex of your life is waiting for you. It’s the perfect time to let go of yourself and give in to the hottest temptations awaiting you.

Disconnect from the World

A vacation begins only once you enter a No-phone zone. Switch off your cell phones and make the most out of the time with your bae. You are on a break, no emails, messages or notifications should disturb your peace while you’re holidaying. This will help you two connect at another level. A break from technology also means that it’s a detox for you and your soul. Which automatically means your mood is going to be calm and happy. And all this positive energy will translate to an amazing chemistry with your partner.

Get Personal

Start with yourself; you need to reconnect with your body. Find out what you like and what you need in bed. Take a few minutes extra in the shower and play with yourself. The results of that might just shock you, but in a good way. This will help you tell your partner what you want in bed and maximise pleasure. So Day 1, make it all about yourself. If your villa has a private pool, indulge in some skinny dipping. Sip some delicious wine and listen to your favourite music. And then connect with your inner sex goddess.

Close up portrait of a lovely young couple sitting on a leather chair while boy is kissing his girlfriend on forehead.

No Limits

Since you are on a break, there is no routine. Have sex first thing in the morning, or after breakfast, in the night or during dinner – you are free to do whatever whenever. And do not count the number of times you’ve gone at it. It could be a quickie while you showered or an oral before you went to bed. Try different positions, some that help you pleasure, some that are great for him. Only with trial and error will you find the perfect position that works best for the two of you.

Spice it up

Surprise your partner with an oral session in the morning or invite him in the shower with you. If you have a private pool, then make the most of it by having sex there. Take blindfolds, hand cuffs, sex dice, any toys that you wouldn’t try at home. This is the right place and moment to discover another side of you. Some food during foreplay, some music during making out, and some dim lights during the final climax will also amp up your experience.

Get Risky

Dare each other to do things that you would shy away from at home. Play a game of strip poker or just a random drinking game and lose all that inhibition. Make love like you have never before. It’s the perfect ambience to try whatever you like or what he likes. Some role play or a night of mad wild sex, the world is your oyster. You are free to scream, shout his name, ask for what you want and deep dive into the pleasure waters.


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