Fan Brutally Hurts Himself Because IPL’s RCB Lost The Last Match They Played!

What an idiot!

It is the IPL season and there are crazy fans all over. But these days we atleast have majority who do not take their favourite team’s loss to the heart. However, you know that there are always exceptions and some of them just turn out to be extremes. One such extreme act was done by a rather senseless fan. He order to show his so-called frustration towards the loss, this particular person took it to Twitter to express his grief but that’s not it. He shattered a mirror with his palm. He was not ojust bleeding, but he had the audacity to click pictures, post that and also tag the players from the team to put them in a spot.

The fan wrote, “We are (fans) disappointed for today’s match. Taking out the frustration on mirror.”






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