Dyeing your Hair the First Time? 5 Most Important Things To Keep in Mind Before You Colour Your Hair!

Nail your hair colour!

Beauty comes from within or from how good your hair looks!Your hair might be lovely as it is but for a little oomph, add a touch of colour to your hair. Choosing the right hair colour can be a daunting task. Here are a few tricks to help you pick the right shade.

Why do you need to colour your mane? Ask yourself this question in advance and not after you are disaster personified. Choosing your hair colour is like choosing the right clothes to wear. You wouldn’t just wear something unless it suits you, would you? Even when a dress looks good on you, you still shuffle through the myriad choices that are available at the store, making you perplexed. Choosing a hair colour is a lot more difficult. The array of brilliant colours available can leave you confused. Not to mention there are times when a colour would look amazing on the palette, but not so good on your beautiful tresses. There are many factors to analyze before choosing a hair colour and here’s how we break it down for you:





Understanding your Skin Colour

Before jumping to conclusions of those few colours you find sexy and ravishing, the cardinal rule is to sit back and analyse your skin tone. What is the colour of your skin? Does it have hues of pink, is it pale or dusky? Understanding the colour of your skin can help adopt shades that will best suit you. Figure out what your skin tone is, based on which you can choose colours that will blend into your skin. Famous hair expert Jawed Habib agrees, “Hair colour to the hair these days has become what lipstick is to lips! It reflects everything about you. And while choosing a hair colour, the skin colour is of foremost importance.  India is a culture oriented country. The colour range is limited here and for Indians, subtle shades are what suit the skin best. No matter what colour, be it blonde, copper or red, brown is often the base.” There is definitely much more to hair colouring than just aesthetics. “You should also remember that the choice of colour for your tresses reflects who you are and your lifestyle. Another important factor that should be considered while determining the best, suitable colour is age, it cannot be ignored.”

One of the easiest ways to determine your skin tone comes down to your everyday attire. Pick out clothes of a varying colour range, moving from warm tints to cold. Try them all on and see which ones look best on you. If oranges, reds and yellows make you look gorgeous, then the warmer ones will be the perfect colours for your hair. Likewise, if blues, icy silver, greens are nice on you, the corresponding hues will be just fine for your tresses.

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