Dial R for Romance

No time for love? Read on…

In a world controlled by gadgets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain any kind of human contact; let alone your love life. A typical day in the life of a couple involves both of them interacting with gadgets all day long at work and then coming home to a world of more gadgets. Dinner is done and once in bed, both of them fish out their phones/tabs/laptops and are at it again until the wee hours of the morning. Where is the time for romance, you ask? Try working your way around one of these ways and put romance on your life map again.

Spend time together: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you want the romance back in your life, you have to actually spend time with the other person, we mean without the mobiles and other gadgets. Make it a point to allocate a brief amount of time to respond to emails/ texts and then keep the phone away from both of you. Even activities like playing video games (technically still a gadget but it’s an added perk if you do it together) or taking a walk after dinner are sure shot ways of keeping the spark alive.

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