Couple Reuniting After 72 Years Made The Internet Feel All Warm & Fuzzy!

The sweetest love story you’ll read today!

It’s not everyday you chance upon a story that leaves you with a sweet aftertaste, like the perfect ending to a roller-coaster of a year. If love is all we need, then this story sure lives up to that saying. A couple in their late 80s were reunited after 72 years in Kerala, having been married for less than a year in 1946. This reunion was made possible after their respective relatives met again.

First reported by Malayalam publication Mathrubhumi, the couple – 90-year-old Narayanan Nambiar and 86-year-old Sarada – were married for exactly eight months in 1946 but were forced to part ways owing to the political tension and uprisings in Kavumbai, Kerala. Narayanan, who was 18 then while Sarada was 13, participated in the uprising – the Kavumbai revolt 1946 – marching to a hill near the house of Karakattidam Nayanar with others, including his father.

He was shot at several times, with 16 bullets hitting him but he miraculously survived and lived to tell the tale. However, when he did go back to his house, he found his home burned down. Sarada’s mother-in-law sent her back to her parent’s place as they were fearful of Narayanan’s fate. Soon enough, Sarada married again.

The News Minute captured what the estranged couple’s reunion was like and it would appear that nothing has changed between them. With Narayanan coming to her house with his family, the two merely exchanged glances, with a shy Sarada looking down but ensuring to steal a few glances at him. Like something straight out of a cinematic love story, they part ways, with shyness overcoming them but feeling and warm and fuzzy inside.

Watch the video here:

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