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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Who Will Take The Cash And Leave The House?

Who will take money box and leave?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 is in its last two weeks. After completing it’s most anticipated freeze task, the other favorite task of audience is  going on in Big Boss now. With new and upcoming tasks it is  unleashing a lot of twists and tension among friends. From engaging in fights to forming plans to eliminate rivals from the BB house, the housemates have grabbed eyeballs with their antics. And have managed to secure a fan base and some contestants a group of haters too.After crossing a few weeks mark and few advice from the host, a lot of contestants behavior have changed a lot and audience favorites are being hated now.

A recent episode showcased the intense ‘BB memory bulb’ buzzer-to-buzzer task. After a fierce competition, Vishnu Vijay emerged victorious, earning the esteemed Ticket to Finale. In the weekend episode, Bigg Boss officially declared him as the winner of the task, awarding him the final golden pass for a direct entry into the much-anticipated season finale.

Not just Vishnu emerged as the winner of the ticket to finale task last week. Another most important thing happened last week was double eviction. Dinesh, Manichandra, Maya, Nixen, Raveena, Vijay, Vishnu were the nominees. In an unexpected turn of events both Nixen and Raveena got evicted last week.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 7, the contestants were faced with a tempting cash offer to exit the house. Adding to this, Bigg Boss created a new task, “ Agree and Disagree”. In this activity, the contestants were asked about their opinion on other contestants, and the housemates had to  agree or disagree with their opinion. Maya surprised everyone as she was announced as the winner with more agreeing cards from other housemates.

It is not surprising that the clash between Vichithra and Dinesh is still going on. When Vichithra expressed her opinion on Dinesh almost all of the contestants disagreed with her and Dinesh thanked them with a sarcastic bow, netizens and fans of Dinesh are loving this moment and trending it on social media.


As of the eviction nomination list this week,  potential nominees are Maya, Poornima, Archana, Dinesh, Mani, Vijay Varma and Vichithra. Most audience are suggesting that Vijay Varma should take money box. 

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