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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Ticket To Finale Task, Who Got Out?

What do you think about groupism?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 is more than halfway through and the Bigg Boss team is unleashing new tasks and new twists and a lot of tension. From engaging in fights to forming plans to eliminate rivals from the BB house, the housemates have grabbed eyeballs with their antics. And have managed to secure a fan base and some contestants a group of haters too.After crossing a few weeks mark and few advice from the host, a lot of contestants behavior have changed a lot and audience favorites are being hated now.

Audiences who regularly watch Bigg Boss know that Saravana Vickram got eliminated last week, securing another week in the house for Vichithra and Archana. Fans were surprised as they didn’t expect him to get evicted from BB Tamil 7 house. After his eviction, he expressed his gratitude towards the makers and Kamal Haasan for giving him an opportunity to showcase his real personality in the show.Vickram also thanked the audience for his 12-week journey in Kamal Haasan’s hit show.

In a recent promo, Bigg Boss revealed a new task to the contestants today. Ticket to Finale Task: Contestants were supposed to protect a toy rabbit with bricks, and after the protection is set, one can take another person’s rabbit. The person with the most rabbits is the winner.As usual there are gangs protecting each other and contestants condemn them. Mani and Vishnu being one team, Nixon, Maya and Poornima as other teams and Dinesh condemning group play was what was shown in the promo.

According to BB 24X7 viewers, Maya and Poornima protected each other and Poornima managed to grab Raveena’s toy and Vishnu and Mani protecting each other also managed to grab the toy it seems. It sparked a debate among netizens as,


Nixen and Poornima were also seen dancing to vennilave vennilave song and as everyone expected, the camera focused on Vishnu. He was visibly pissed at them dancing together but decided not to say anything.


As of this week’s nominations it is, seven contestants were nominated for elimination in week 13. There is a possible chance for double elimination. Dinesh, Manichandra, Maya, Nixen, Raveena, Vijay, Vishnu are the nominees and The makers have opened the voting lines and the viewers have started voting for their favourite contestants.


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