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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: This Week’s Eviction To Nixen And Archana’s Fight, What Is Happening In Bigg Boss?

Is Archana being condescending?

Seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan is still the talk of every house. With every promo and episode there is an increasing level of drama. Even though the audience hated and cursed this show and contestants, it became a routine to watch it everyday. From engaging in fights to forming plans to eliminate rivals from the BB house, the housemates have grabbed eyeballs with their antics. And have managed to secure a fan base and some contestants a group of haters too.

Pradeep Antony’s eviction was the talk all over the internet. Many supported him and many accused him and even people dragged the host Kamal Haasan to the debate. With that particular episode, many non-watchers turned into regular viewers of the show.

Five contestants were nominated for this week’s eviction, Nixen, Manichandra, Archana, Dinesh, Vichithra and viewers speculated that Nixen will get eliminated this week. But due to a turn of events and cyclone in Chennai, elimination was cancelled this week. The contestants still don’t know about the cancellation of the eviction but many nominees are scared of eviction and are acting up and confronting each other.

In today’s promo, Archana and Nixen had an ugly fight ( still the reason is not known). Nixen was seen calling her names and he also said, she is not even eligible to be in this house. Even though Archana was angry at him, she didn’t argue like usual.

Many fans and viewers are recently hating Archana’s behaviour and speculates that she is playing victim and provoking other contestants. And they also say that is what she did to Nixen too. In the previous episode, Nixen exposed Archana’s victim and manipulating facade and many fan’s believe that’s why Archana triggered Nixen and made him look bad. On the other hand, even though few fans believe that whatever Nixen said is true, he should not let out those words and should respect her.

Few regular viewers even pointed out on social media how Archana is manipulating and provoking other contestants and how she plays the victim when she is caught.


Viewers are eagerly waiting for how the drama will unfold and what will happen to Nixen. As there is no eviction this week, viewers are hoping that Kamal Haasan will give a red card to Nixen and talk to Archana about her game strategy. Let’s see what happens this saturday.


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