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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Much Awaited Freeze Task To Parents Picking Their Favourite Contestant, What Is Happening In Bigg Boss?

Family reunion week!

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 made it to the point where a freeze task is happening now. Family and friends of contestants will be visiting throughout the week. Friends and family of one single contestant may also come again. There are still 11 contestants remaining in the bigg boss house and one will get eliminated this weekend.

Last week, a new form of elimination called mid week eviction was introduced and among the elimination nominees Dinesh, Archana, Vishnu, Cool Suresh, Nixon, and Ananya, wild card contestant Ananya Rao was eliminated again on Thursday. And for weekend elimination, Cool Suresh tried to escape and got evicted last Saturday.

This week, like usual, elimination nominations happened inside the Bigg Boss confession room and with leading nominations Raveena, Vickram and Vichithra are the nominees for this week. According to netizens and reports, Vichithra is leading with the maximum percentage of votes, followed by Raveena and seemingly Vickram is in danger.

From this week the freeze task was started and already multiple parents have visited and given their fair share of advice to all the housemates. But none of the parents ever once downgraded a contestant to uplift their child, it was new in Bigg Boss.

Adding to the surprise, Bigg Boss introduced a family luxury budget task. Family members became an active part in the task and were answering questions asked by Bigg Boss. Not just that family members were asked to pick their favourite contestant. While Vijay got 2 points, Vichithra won the favourite contestant, unanimously chosen by family members.


In Today’s freeze task, Nixen’s father, Archana’s sister and Vishnu’s family entered the Bigg Boss house. Nixon’s father was seemingly chill and thanked every contestant for teaching his son a valuable lesson. He told, I blocked his contact and was fed up with him. But after coming here, he changed a lot and was happy to see Nixen’s changed behaviour.

Not just that, when Dinesh’s parents entered the house, Dinesh’s mom hugged Vichithra and started crying but the reason is unknown. Netizens believe it is because of ongoing feud between Dinesh and Vichithra and parents asking sorry on behalf of their son.

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