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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Mani Wins The Captaincy Task And Open Nomination And More!

What is your opinion on Mani?

Seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan is still the talk of every house. With every promo and episode there is an increasing level of drama. From engaging in fights to forming plans to eliminate rivals from the BB house, the housemates have grabbed eyeballs with their antics. And have managed to secure a fan base and some contestants a group of haters too.After crossing a few weeks mark and few advice from the host, a lot of contestants behavior have changed a lot and audience favorites are being hated now.

It is not surprising that there is no eviction this week. After the Michaung cyclone, Vijay Television announced that there is no eviction this week. But the contestants inside the house were not aware of the no elimination weekend. In this weekend episode Kamal addressed the Nixen and Archana issue but fans are pointing out that instead of addressing the actual issue, Kamal focused more on Nixen’s action and housemate’s reaction to it. While arguing with Archana, Nixon said “sorugiruven”, “chaa, ponna nee ellam” and a lot of other words. Because of those words, Nixen got his first strike card.

Not only Nixen, Dinesh also got his first strike card, because after the issue, Dinesh talked to and about Nixen that he is behaving like this because he is from North Madras and stereotyped him and spoke to him like that. To condemn Dinesh’s action, Kamal also gave him a strike card and warned Mani Chandra about the same issue. Audiences are quick to point out that Kamal also stereotyped and behaved the same way at the first day inauguration of Bigg boss house.


But few fans are defending Kamal saying,


In Today’s promo Vishnu was seen asking sorry to Poornima and said he hurt her but what she did is even more hurtful. But in the next promo he took a quick 180 degree change and said, “ Poornima doesn’t have the word acceptance in her dictionary” and nominated her for this week’s eviction.

Manichandra won the captaincy task against Vijay Varma and Maya and is appointed as this week’s captain. Audiences are saying that this will be the first time we are going to see Mani’s real game.

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