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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Cool Suresh Trying To Escape The House and Bigg Boss Being Disappointed At Housemates, What Happened In the House?

Who will get eliminated this week?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 is halfway through and the Bigg Boss team is unleashing new tasks and new twists and a lot of tension. With elimination not happening last week, both contestants and viewers are expecting a double eviction weekend.

In yesterday’s episode, the Bigg Boss team introduced a new task “ BB Dancing Marathon” where the contestants were assigned as popular Tamil characters, and they have to stay as the same character till the task gets over. When the song came, the particular character was supposed to dance and others had to stay as their character. And the contestants were given money and they shared or gave some of it to their favorite performance. But the whole task messed up when all contestants were sharing money and few gave the money to their friend/ favorite person and ended up with nothing.

After changing their scores on board, it was shown that Bigg Boss was very mad at the contestants as he said,  ” I’m very very very disappointed in you. Why can’t you guys play by simple rules? What is the reason for creating rules, when you decide to play the way you want? I’m giving you this night to change it, everything should be back to normal in the morning”. This is not the first time housemates are breaking the rules and this is the first time Big Boss has been disappointed at the housemates.

Also in another turn of events, Cool Suresh was telling Mani that he was feeling  home sick and wanted to go home and see his family. And he also tried to jump over a wall to get out but this week’s captain Mani saw what he was doing and he convinced him to get down and consoled him.

As there was no eviction last week, audiences are expecting a double eviction. Since it’s a big boss rule, trying to get out of the house will lead to self-eviction. So, audiences have to wait until this weekend to see if it is considered self-eviction or if just one person is going to get eliminated like usual. This week’s nominations include Dinesh, Archana, Vishnu, Cool Suresh, Nixon, and Ananya. Every weekend, after talking with the host, Kamal Haasan, most contestants change their game plan and it adds layers to the show.



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