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Bigg Boss Tamil 7: Archana and Vishnu Ugly Fight In The House, Is Archana Being Condescending?

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Seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan is still the talk of every house. With every promo and episode there is an increasing level of drama. Even though the audience hated and cursed this show and contestants, it became a routine to watch it everyday.

In the Sunday episode ex- housemates Vijay Varma and Ananya Rao entered the house again as wildcard contestants. In the previous episode, small boss housemate Vishnu was assigned with a special task as to imitate his fellow housemates.Vishnu chose to imitate Archana but Archana visibly looked angry at him. The tension among the house increased and an ugly fight ensued between Archana and Vishnu. Housemates also teased Archana with colloquial language and Archana was seen crying alone in the kitchen space.

Every weekend when Kamal Haasan comes up it is clear to housemates and the audience that people’s claps and whistles are sided to Archana. So, few netizens pointed out Archana is condescending and with people supporting her she is taking it too far. One Twitter user pointed out and explained a series of events where Archana was seen as authoritative and dominating.

With increasing conflicts, there is also an important process to remember, weekly eviction. Last week with double eviction , Akshaya and wild card contestant DJ Bravo were eliminated. This week’s elimination nominees include Cool Suresh, Jovika, Mani, Vichithra, Dinesh, Vickram, Ananya and Poornima.Β Β 


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