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Beat the Back-To-School Blues

As that vacation tapers to a close, the thought of school all over again can be pretty daunting for a child. And it isn’t a walk in the park for parents either. A new school year brings with it a host of projects, lunches, uniforms and backpacks to be on top of. Here is a checklist for the last couple of holiday weeks to help you and your family survive the new school year.

Buy all school supplies in advance

It goes without saying that things can get difficult when you don’t have all the supplies with you. Plus, nobody wants to keep buying them over and over again. It’s easy to simply buy all the stationery, stitch the school uniform at least two weeks in advance, pick up lunch boxes and bottles, and keep all those books wrapped and labeled before the routine starts.

Pre-induce the early rising

Now, this is difficult to do, but not impossible! After having weeks of waking up late and sleeping late, kids often struggle to go back to sleeping by 9PM and waking up by 7AM. So at least a week or two before school starts, try to get them to wake up earlier than before. Plan activities like a morning walk by the beach to collect shells and rocks or reward them for waking up early with a little back-to-school supply. This applies to parents as well to get back into the habit of whipping lunches before the school bus arrives!

Plan meals in advance

Coming up with different lunches and snacks every day can get stressful. So identify what your child likes to eat and try to incorporate a healthier alternative to it. Instead of a grilled cheese sandwich, opt for that gluten-free bread with vegetables and a fruit juice along with it.

Read stories to your children

This can be more of a night time activity, where you narrate some fun stories to help them sleep at night. And if they’re old enough, encourage them to read books recommended for their age. This habit will develop a keen sense of curiosity and imagination in your child.

Make memories

Right before the vacation ends, treat your kids (and yourself) to a fun day out. A picnic on your terrace, a trip to an amusement park, or a day of movies and games – try to keep this low-budget, focusing instead on the company and the interaction. Let yourself go for that one day before the vacation ends so your kids have a lovely story to tell back in school.

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