A Daughter-In-Law’s Tribute To Her Late Mother-In-Law Will Move You To Tears!

A heart touching tribute indeed!

From left: Vidya’s mother, Vidya Pinto, Sanjay Pinto and Judith Pinto

Vidya Pinto, the wife of a lawyer, author, and former Bureau Chief of NDTV, Sanjay Pinto, paid a moving tribute to her late mother-in-law on social media. Judith Pinto, the mother of Sanjay was a doting teacher at Don Bosco and she was every student’s favorite. The family is still struggling to come to terms with her loss and the void that she has left behind.

Mourning the loss of a loving, strong mother-in-law, Vidya wrote a heartfelt tribute which read:

“My dad was posted in Villupuram when he passed away. He was staying alone and suffered a heart attack and died in his room without anyone to help. The neighbors knew only the next day. We got his body after 48 hours. We never got to see his face in the end. I’ve always carried the pain of not having been with him in those last moments. 15 years later another heart attack… mom in law now.

After twenty days of hospitalisation ending in a massive cardiac arrest we were there standing right next to her helplessly as the doctor told us “she is just breathing her last few breaths” Trust me, those 45 minutes were living hell for us as the oxygen and heart rate countdown began and to see our loved one slowly slip away. Death is indeed inevitable. So is the pain of losing a loved one. I still miss my dad. “Time is a healer…. You will move on” is bullshit.

She was a daughter in law’s pride and delight. Never once, I repeat, never once was she anywhere near a typical mom in law. Noninterference was her first name. Kindness was her middle name and simplicity was her last name. Sanjay was never caught between mom and wife scenarios. In fact, if she wanted anything from her son, she always asked me to ask Sanjay….. Without fail with the prefix sorry and please “sorry to bother you, Vidya…. Could you please ask Sanjay….” and end with “thank you”.

Never once she or dad in law has uttered the word conversion. Religion was never a bone of contention or a point of even a simple conversation. Not just Diwali and Pongal, but Onam and Vishu have also begun only with her wishes first. Not once has she said why don’t you just try chicken or fish. Instead, she loved vegetarian food and would ask “Vidya, if possible and not any trouble could you please make rasam and avial for me” The twins used to recite slokas and she would be so proud and say “they are such clever babies. See how they remember so many verses”.

It was not in her system to be jealous of anyone. She has never really wanted anything for herself. Always kind with a smile and loads of compassion. All her near and dear ones said that Sanvi looks just like her. I just pray that she inherits her kindness too.

I called her aunty but loved her like my mom. Her obituary reads “survived by husband, daughter and son”…….”Aunty, you will endure in me till my last breath.”

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