9 Best Foods to have in your bedroom!

Juicy secrets revealed!

Of all humanity’s indulgence, two things top the list – food and sex. So why not put them together for a night to remember? Forget the clichéd chocolate sauce for here we give you a list of food you must bring to bed for a yummy time.


Replace the usual chocolate sauce with honey for there are lesser concerns of a humongous laundry bill with this one. Clean and healthy as well, try this for a game – ask your partner to dab a bit of honey on them and your only task is to find out which part of their body it’s at, with only your tongue, blindfolded.

Red wine

If you be the posh player nothing spells classy like the red wine. Sexy, succulent and simply sinful, the red wine’s effervescence taste will leave a tingling sensation on your tongue making it one helluva addition to your lovemaking.  Try a good pinot noir or sauvignon on each other. If you want to play a more luxurious game, try out champagne.


Well anything phallic is sure to get the dice rolling Although Cucumber and banana give pretty much the same result; the former might seem too messy for some role play so let’s leave that out. Take a little bite and pass it around or just use your imagination for this fruit is one for creativity!


If sex and the city has taught us anything, it is the lesson from Samantha when she adorns sushi for Smith on valentine’s day. Contrary to popular opinions depending on the sushi you can find variants that are not pungent on its own. Try out a California roll placing it somewhere on your body and letting your partner gobble up the same, with a bit of ginger as well. Not only are you nourished for the naughty night ahead but the sushi doubles up as a skin mask as well!


Get rid of the good old strawberry and make way for their sexier counterpart the cherries! Small and juicy, imagination is only sky high with these intoxicating delights. Dip in some chocolate or try them out plain, they roll around smoothly if you know what we mean.


Another phallic symbol on the list, the popsicles are tantalizing and tingling due to their chilly make. It is highly recommended that one does not insert them anywhere as the coldness from the ice stick can affect blood flow. Take turns teasing each other with a lick and take it from there.


Never underestimate the king of fruits! Studies have shown that the special aromatic flavour of Mango has the potential to heighten your senses and give you an enigmatic feeling of ecstasy. The juicy yet pulpy nature of the mango gives you enough opportunities to get wild and undoubtedly this is one of the best fruits ever.


Resembling female genitalia, figs are succulent and seductive fruits that are best for a little role play. Warm them up slightly and then run it over your partner’s skin to give a pleasant and tantalizing sensation. It is also one of the few libidos increasing foods so that’s two birds in one stone!


Ever seen the lady and the tramp? This Italian delight is smooth and noodly, perfect for some guilty pleasures. Make it savoury or dessert style and slather it off each other for some fun. If you are especially an eager pleaser and you both can’t make it through dinner, what better way than to have dinner in bed than this?


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