8 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Bigger!

The illusion of space!

Many of us adorn our rooms with heavy wooden furniture or fashionably paint our walls with a dark shade of maroon on impulse. The reasons are plenty for your rooms to look smaller and smaller as time goes by and at some point the feeling of the walls closing in on us is inevitable.To make your rooms look markedly bigger does not mean that you need to necessarily throw out stuff. Here are a few easy tips to enhance your living space:

Trick and Treat

You know how they say pinstripe trouser make your legs appear longer? The same design principle applies in rearranging your living space – a striped floor will always create the illusion of space.Fixing a large mirror on the wall will add to the ‘space’ effect. Replace heavy wooden furniture with sleek, transparent ones – for instance, place a glass top center table or one that is made from Lucite or acrylic.Also, choose furniture pieces that are a close match with your wall shade; for example, if your wall shade is a rich cream, pick out up hostelries in whites or fawn.

Wall Color

wall color
An obvious tip but an important one at that – the lighter your walls, the larger the rooms. Dark shades of paint might make a room appear cozy ,but they also in turn make the room look smaller.The reason behind this is simple science – light shades catch and multiply light while dark ones absorb light. So stick to colors on lighter side of the palette such as cream, vanilla, powder blue and papaya whip.

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