8 Quick Fix Beauty Solutions !!

Save time, yo!

– Tissues

Why them?

Trust us, they’re important and go beyond just cleaning up your face. When you have nothing else, they come to the rescue and pretty much quicken the fixing process.

How to use them?

Wet tissues are great especially when you want to get rid of the kajal smudge under your eyes. Swiftly clean it up and re-apply without any hindrance. As for regular tissues, it’s always helpful to remove extra lipstick. When you’ve applied too much, all you need to do is put a tissue between your lips and let the extra bits get absorbed. So that way, it isn’t too much or too overpowering either. You can do this when you want to wear a lighter lipstick and keep applying this method for that right shade.


– Safety pins

Why them?

They help to pin things. (Duh!) They also help to get rid of clogged pores!

How to use them?

Blackheads are annoying when you see it. So before you go reaching for those blackhead pore strips (which can be painful and leave your nose bruised), simply steaming your face and removing those clogged pores with a safety pin does the trick. Worried about pricking yourself? The idea is to not open the safety pin or use its sharp end. Close the pin and use the sides to remove it one by one, as though you were grating the blackheads out.


– Toothpaste

Why them?

Perfect zit control!

How to use them?

Pimples cropping up on your face is a vicious cycle really. When you’re stressed out, a pimple comes, and you get more stressed out and more pimples crop up. And when you pop them, guess what? They keep coming! So nip it in bud with toothpaste. Before sleeping, dab some toothpaste on the pimple. It won’t get rid of it completely but it will stop the swelling and redness. However, if it really burns, wash it off immediately.


– Tea bags

Why them?

Puffy eyes can go take a hike!

How to use them?

The best part about tea bags is that you don’t feel too bad when it doubles up as your everyday drink and a beauty hack. Once you are done using tea bags (without it being dipped in milk, of course) then put them on a bowl and let it be inside the fridge for 15 minutes. Post that, put them under your eyes for a few minutes. You will notice your eyes looking fresh and those bags reducing. It’s a miracle worker, really!

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