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8 Places That Proves Rajasthan’s Royalty!

Oh, so beautiful!

From palatial residences and a serene hill station to India’s most haunted spot, this vibrant state houses destinations that will leave you spellbound.


This city stands on the crossroads of the new and old world. While you notice the young crowd embracing a contemporary lifestyle, the traditional world lingers stoically in the background. In some pockets of Udaipur, families are time-warped in traditions while other pockets do away with the jaded regimes. Once in the city, you will find yourself being pulled towards its charming Lake Pichola, a walk around which reflects the true spirit of this royal city. You can also take a ropeway from here to the top of the Machla Hill in the Aravalli range. This ride offers a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings. While many would prefer clear weather to explore this royal city, visiting it during the romantic rains also makes for a memorable experience.




It’s the official blue city of India. Some believe that residents of Jodhpur painted their walls blue to save their houses from termites. No one can say for sure what the real reason is, but the colour is what sets this city apart from others of the state. Climb to the highest point of Jodhpur, on the Mehrangarh fort to get a bird’s view of this blue city. Another royal landmark of Udaipur is Umaid Bhavan, now converted into a luxury hotel that serves as a venue for many high-profile destination weddings.

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