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8 Places That Proves Rajasthan’s Royalty!

Oh, so beautiful!



The capital city of Rajasthan is dipped in a rosy hue of colonial buildings that make it the pink city of India. These buildings make the core of Jaipur. As you move away from the centre, make way into the tight lanes of Jaipur to understand the culture and pulse of the city. The city is also known for its handicrafts, so pick up souvenirs and gifts while roaming along its rustic streets. The handmade souvenirs – especially puppets – that you find here, won’t be found anywhere else in India.




This haunted chapter of Rajasthan is located on the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve. While most places in India are only rumoured to be haunted, there is a resounding confirmation about ghosts that dwell in the ruins of this fort, which has nudged the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to officially forbid people from loitering in Bhangarh’s vicinity post dark. Why? According to reports, the place teems with negative energies and many tourists have experienced strange occurrences. Is it true? Well, you will have to explore this hauntingly beautiful corner of Rajasthan to find out.

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