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8 Places That Proves Rajasthan’s Royalty!

Oh, so beautiful!

Mount Abu


If the mention of Rajasthan promptly makes you think of an arid land getting baked in the scorching heat, then you ought to visit Mount Abu to be surprised. This pleasant destination is a cool respite from the hot and dry monotony of the state. It is perched at 1220 meters from sea level. The highest point of Mount Abu is Guru Shikhar at 1722 meters. Those who like to rough it out can choose to trek to this place. Mount Abu is also known for its Nakki Lake where tourists throng for a relaxing boat ride.


Ranthambore National park


The state of Rajasthan is a perfect blend of sorts. So, if you have the desert of Jaisalmer on one end, you also have the jungles of Ranthambore on the other. When in Rajasthan, pay a visit to this national park to spot some of their characteristic species – leopards, sambar deer, chital, Indian Wild Boar and Coomon Yellow Bats.

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