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7 Ways To Reinvent The Taste Of Maggi

From Maggi Burgers to Herby Pesto Maggi !

Cheesy Maggi

This is an easy and filling recipe. Make Maggi as you would and transfer the contents into a bowl. Grate cheddar cheese or Parmesan on the top. Or you could use cheese slices. You can make this variation with soupy Maggi too. Microwave for 2 minutes and your easy cheesy Maggi is ready.



Soupy maggi

This variation is a little tedious to make. Take a cup of carrots, beans, chopped onions and green peas. You could also take celery. Fry the veggies in a wok and add vegetable stock to them. Add a few green chillies for spice. Simmer and bring it to boil. Now, add Maggi and Masala. Cook till the Maggi is done and your soupy Maggi is ready!


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