7 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Friendship Strong!

Miss your bestie?

By Ancy Donal

Long distance friendships are never easy. Being away from your soulmate with whom you catch up almost every day is quite depressing and it’s like losing a part of you. Keeping up a relationship when both of you aren’t in the same place takes a lot of work. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up on it and let it fade away. Show your BFF that he or she really matters to you and save your long distance friendship in these ways.


  1. A mandatory update

You and your BFF are probably used to giving each other daily updates about life, but chances are if you’re on different continents, you’re not going to be talking every day as it affects time zones. So one thing you can do to make sure that you share it all with them is write stuff down. Whether it’s daily updates or weekly or whatever little thing you’re dying to tell your BFF, make a note of it so you don’t miss out on anything when you finally do talk.



  1. Send pictures and videos

Remain clued into each other’s lives by sending each other pictures and videos. Whether it’s something like you need their opinion on or a crazy selfie, seeing a bit of each other, every now and then, really helps you stay connected.



  1. Video chat whenever possible

Talk over a phone or texting may be convenient but seeing each other’s faces will give a feeling like you’re having a proper conversation and really help strengthen your connection. So make sure you two get on a video call at least every week or two and try making it your primary mode of communication.



  1. Surprise them

Be it a handwritten letter, their favourite homemade snacks or an exciting beauty product they love. Try sending a few things to each other every couple of months is the sweetest, unexpected little way to bring a smile to your BFF’s face. Also, try long distance touch lamps and let them know you are thinking of them for quite some time. Plus, it truly shows you care.



  1. An activity together

Figure out an activity you can do together while apart, whether it’s watching a film together over video chat, try watching the same show, reading the same book or even something like getting your hair coloured the same shade or getting a matching tattoo. The ultimate aim is to find something to do that bonds you together, despite the distance.



  1. Plan a visit

The wonderful thing about having a long distance friend is that it is a great opportunity for you to travel. Plan to meet, not in your hometown or in their new city. Travel the world. Find places that work for both of you, and meet there. Planning a visit not only gives you guys something exciting to bond and talk about, but it’ll also probably be a trip you’ll cherish for a lifetime.



  1. Share a recipe

We often share our food with friends when they are nearby. But when you move apart, the closest thing you can do is, recipe sharing, that u tried and loved.  Sharing a recipe is a really a cute way to say, that you are always thinking of them and still remember what they like eating.

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