7 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday Alone This Lockdown!

Happy Birthday!

By Megavarshini S G

With the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic people are stuck at home and of course you are missing out birthday parties, celebrations and surprises which you are used to for every birthday. With the lockdown restrictions you cannot do a dinner at fancy restaurant, go out for shopping or go to the saloons, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your birthday special.

You are celebrating your birthday consecutively for the second time in lockdown?. Just let it go and here are seven happy and efficient ways you can celebrate your birthday alone this lockdown.

1) Bake your own cake
A birthday can never end without a cutting a cake. So, why don’t you bake your own cake? Doesn’t it sound fun and also healthy rather than ordering it during the pandemic. Go ahead baker, you will love it! If possible share your recipe on Instagram and a little show off is totally fine.

2) Decorate your home
Don’t miss out on decorations, if you don’t have party poppers, balloons and stuff. Googling will help, look for DIY ideas and have a happy time decorating for yourself. Make cards, handmade gifts and present it to your self. Show some self love birthday baby!

3) Make it a self care day
Is the birthday baby in need of a break? Pick up some sheet masks, snacks and magazines to pamper yourself. Make some cool cucumber water or lime drink to make it a whole experience. And what follows next is a big meal and a sound sleep.

4) Movie marathon
Pick up your all time favorite films, grab some snacks, make your bed and yes a hair bun and pajamas would make it even more better and comfy. Happy watching!

5) A dress up zoom party
Host a dress up party. Invite your friends to a virtual birthday party and inform them the dress code. Plan some games and quizzes and keep yourself and your friends engaged. Of course don’t forget to do a virtual photoshoot in the end! When you look back to lockdown birthdays, this will help.

6) Try something new
Build a hobby or start on things you’ve been pushing aside for years. Be it starting a YouTube channel, a online boutique, learning a new language, painting, cooking etc. You couldn’t find a much better and an auspicious day than your birthday.

7) Make a donation
However small or big, just donate what you can afford to. Small donations make a big difference. It cheers you up and also completes your day!

Have a happy and blessed birthday!


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