7 Easy Ways College Students Can Decorate Their Hostel Room!

Jazz it up!

Here’s a list of things you can add to personalise your college dorm room and make it feel more like home:

1) Coloured fairy lights

They’ll brighten your room up quite literally. Aesthetics aside, they also function as non-intrusive night lights that aren’t bright enough disturb your roommate but just bright enough to help you work after dark.


2) Polaroid photographs

If you don’t have an actual Polaroid camera, you could just edit pictures into a polaroid frame online and print them out. These can either go on your walls and cupboard or be clipped to fairy lights.


3) Aroma diffusers

These are an excellent touch. The key is finding your fragrance- floral, fruity, or dessert?
While there are several ways to perfume your room (scented candles, incense sticks, etc), essential oil diffusers are the most effective option- there’s no risk of setting off smoke alarms or accidentally starting a fire.


4) Posters

Bands, movies, television shows, quotes- make a statement with all your favourites.


5) House-plants

Not only will they beautify your room, they also double as air purifiers. You can even go ahead and name them! After all, they’re the closest thing to a pet that you’re allowed to have in your dorm.


6) Tapestries

Empty wall space? Pinup cloth tapestries to add a cute boho feel to your room. What could make this more special is buying one as a souvenir from someplace you travelled to or even just from your hometown. You could also get creative and customize one using old clothes and other fabrics.


7) Rugs

Rugs are a cute and cosy addition that can pull a room together. You can also pair them with a ‘no shoes policy’ to keep your room a little cleaner.

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