7 Classy Colours To Brighten Your Home This Summer

Bright colours are always beautiful!

From large expanses of white interwoven with a pop of colour we have now progressed or maybe gone back to pastel colours adorned with printed wall papers- a look straight out of yesteryears . Colours have progressed a long way in interiors this year .  While the safe colour schemes of neutral colours enlivened with a hint of colour stayed, this year saw colours painting the décor scene in myriad hues. Here are some colours and themes that designers around the world believe will rule the décor scenes.

 Mediterranean hues


Greek blue combined with white and shades of green straight out of a beachy town have been one of the most loved themes that designers believe will continue to adorn homes. With shades of blue and green accentuated with a hint of bright colours like yellow, all brought together by the forever go-to white is the perfect look that you can adopt to create the breezy and soothing environs of the Mediterranean islands.

Here’s how you could make your home as colourful as this post. VISIT:

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