7 Classy Colours To Brighten Your Home This Summer

Bright colours are always beautiful!

Olive it up!



The one colour that made remarkable progress was olive green. Quickly becoming a more sober and very unique substitute for the traditional neutral colours, olive teamed up with a lot of different colours can be used to create varied ambiances.  Ones seeking a cheerful and lively look teamed this magic colour with yellows and oranges and varied shades of greens. Some others adopted the “landscape” theme by bringing together stone grey , olive green and shades of green livened up with a hint of brightness to create the perfect natural look , and the ones intending to create a dramatic and sophisticated look combined olive with deep reds and aubergines .It’s warm and organic nature makes it adaptable with a large range of colours and this is one colour you must experiment with this season.


Pastel palettes

baby pink


Going back to the 80’s and beyond, pastel colours have been doing the rounds for a while now and boy do we love them! Baby pink, powder blue, pale yellow and the like teamed with mysterious black to create a fine , clean look or these soothing colours matched with some gorgeous wallpapers has us wanting to do up our homes in these shades already.

Here’s how you could make your home as colourful as this post. VISIT: 

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