7 Classy Colours To Brighten Your Home This Summer

Bright colours are always beautiful!

Gorgeous grays


Another colour that has slowly and steadily made its mark is gray. With its hues and shades acting as smart substitutes for white and black, gray is another colour that can be combined with many colours depending on the look you want to achieve. Gray in itself can be used in its different shades to create a very sophisticated and formal look. Yellows, greens and shades of orange create a lively décor theme, while gray can be used as a neutral shade with pastels too. Combining it with deep dramatic shades of blue, maroon and purple makes for a colour scheme that screams class.


Coffee and cream

Amazing Living Room Paint Cream Ideas Living Room Ideas Create Awesome Design For Living Room Grey Cream - Bee Home Decor

Another classy , tried and tested combination that is a safe go to if you want to create a sophisticated look , cream teamed with shades of brown and beige creates a sober , sometimes boring (if not done right) and very Victorian colour scheme. This combination is your go to choice if you want to create that comfortable and cozy environment without introducing dramatic colour schemes.


Bold blends



With a lot of quirky knick knacks available, throwing in contrasting colours to make a fun look is a trend loved by the younger lot. Neon green with sunny yellow sobered with a hint of white, or oranges and yellows humbled with gray, bold colours are a favourite among people who do not mind a lot of colour adorning their walls and upholstery.

Here’s how you could make your home as colourful as this post. VISIT:

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