6 Ways You Can Celebrate Mother’s Day Indoors!

With everything in flux during the COVID-19 pandemic, family bonds are more important than ever. Mother’s Day this year like most celebrations is falling in the phase of pandemic lock down. While this means that you cannot do a dinner at fancy restaurant, take mum out for shopping or go to the saloons, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make 2020 Mother’s Day  special. 

 A Virtual Get together 

Organize a zoom party this mother’s day. Invite your extended family, your mum’s best friends, relatives, cousins, etc for a fun video conference for an hour or two. Each can give a toast to the mums or just talk about their favourite memories and childhood days with your mothers. Organise a virtual Mother’s Day party

Give Mum A Day-off!

Let your mum have a No Chores Day. This involves your family members completely taking over all the work at home, from cleaning dusting, cooking, etc. This is a Mother’s Day gift from all. Have the family cook lunch and do the dishes, while you let your mum sit back and relax the day off she deserves.   

Write a letter

There is nothing more special and heart-warming than a handwritten letter expressing your love and gratitude to your mum. Put down all you want to say into words, we’re sure she’ll cherish it forever and it will make her day. You can try sticking an old photograph with the letter to make it more touching. You can give this handwritten note with bed tea or secretly keep in her room.


Set Up A Movie Marathon 

Movie night is a great way to spend time together — if everyone can agree on the same film. Make a batch of popcorn, find some parent-friendly fare, and watch it together.

At Home salon

Give a day of pampering to your mum at home. You at home spa sessions can extend services from a head massage to at-home pedicure or manicure can make your mother feel special. When all salons are closed due to COVID-19 lockdown, a home pedicure or manicure can make your mom feel refreshed. Make some cool cucumber water or lime drink to make it a whole experience. 

Make a video collage:

Collect all your favourite images and pictures with your mum and off your mum. Travel, trips, birthdays, celebrations, etc, and use apps like inshots, videomakers to club them all together to make a small film. You can play this on your big screen on the special day, maybe before you cut the cake or first thing in the morning. 


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