6 Ways To Make Your Roommate Your Best Buddy!

Roommate Agreements!

Roommate Relationships are complicated, you either go all in and bond for life, or you go all out and you loathe the person you live with.  A secret to a happy and content relationship with your roommate could be achieved starting with some ground rules. Understanding each other’s schedules, work, family, personalities etc are all means to a healthy and happy living. Here are a few ways to make co-existence easy with a roommate around. 

Avoid Lending And Borrowing

Money issues can tarnish a relationship easily. If you have a financial liability, discussing with your roommate could help but asking for a helping hand may not be a wise thing to do.

Respect Space

Since you are sharing a home, respecting each other’s space is essential at all times. Consult with her before bringing a friend home, or make sure whatever you do, you don’t invade her privacy.

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